About Clovelly



After cooking in some of Sydney's top restaurants, chef Eliot Ritchie was drawn to the city's vibrant cafe lifestyle and set up his first cafe in Australia. As Eliot combined his love of food and his passion for quality coffee, it soon became a bustling  

local favorite in Sydney's Inner West.



Four beaches down from Sydney's iconic Bondi beach on the east coast of Australia, Clovelly cove is the beachside suburb Eliot inhabits when not in New York. The Aussie Clovelly has, paradoxically, become Eliot's home away from home.



C is for coffee + LOVE + ELLY



Down Under, the crafting of high-quality coffee is an obsession. As much – if not more! – passion and expertise goes into the engineering of an Australian flat white as into our national airline. And you can be confident when you order a coffee from our Barista at Clovelly that everyone travels first class!


Australia's LOVE of coffee extends beyond the product and infuses the warm, vibrant settings where we enjoy this essential beverage - in the best Aussie cafes feeling  the love is just as important as tasting the love. 


Aussies love abbreviating. whenever possible. Life’s too short for unnecessary syllables. Bottle-o (liquor store); Servo (gas station), and Smoko (short break from industry) are but three common examples.


Which brings us to Elly. An abbreviation for Eliot (Clovelly's founder), Elly is a term of endearment used by his family and close friends. Here at Clovelly, amidst the hustle and bustle of Hudson Yards in NYC, Eliot would like to extend that intimacy to all you lovers of a down-to-earth, fine quality, coffee experience.