A taste of Australian coffee culture, near the Hudson

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Our Promise

 Deluxe Australian Craft Coffee - selected and  roasted with passion; brewed and served with love! A cozy space in Manhattan serving Australian style coffee from seasonal, single origin beans. An artisanal pastry selection -including vegan and gluten free options - to complement your daily brew. 


Clovelly Coffee Experience

Clovelly coffee is all about consistency and flavor. We strive to provide a personalized customer experience, where you can engage with your barista and discuss your favorite beans and brewing methods.


Our Approach to Coffee

Working closely with our roaster, Clovelly procures the best roast profiles for any given bean or blend. This way, we ensure the optimum result for a particular brewing/serving method. The unearthed nuances of our carefully selected coffee cherries deliver the best flavors possible.